Sewer and Drain Cleaning

sewer and drain repair monterey salinas

The drains in a home or business may collect a variety of materials. Over time, those materials cause a thick sludge to develop in the drain. The drain’s speed slows to the point where sinks or basins take a long time to empty.

Our professional plumbers offer thorough sewer and drain cleaning. Cooking oil, grease, food scraps, hygienic wipes and product, and tree roots can all get into a drain or sewer pipe. Our professional-grade augers cut and push through the obstruction. We offer video inspections to locate and visualize the blockage.

Our professionals work until the drain or sewer line is running clear again. If you notice gurgling, foul smells or drains that are slow to empty, it is time for drain or sewer cleaning. We recommend an annual sewer cleaning service as preventive maintenance for any property that is affected by tree roots.

Hydro Jetting

What Is Hydro jetting? And When Do You Need It?

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