Tub, Shower & Toilet Repair

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Tub & Shower Repair

A damaged tub or shower valve causes problems with water pressure and may cause annoying screeching sounds when the temperature or pressure changes. A broken valve may stop the flow of water.

A broken tub valve could also make it difficult to fill the bathtub for a relaxing bath. Our professional plumbers offer tub and shower valve repair. We work efficiently and check the shower and faucet heads in order to ensure that the entire water flow system in the tub or shower is properly working.

Toilet Repair

When a toilet is in disrepair, your entire home or business may suffer from the effects. We offer same-day toilet repair for home and business owners throughout Monterey Bay, Salinas and the surrounding areas. Toilets get a lot of use, and they have parts that may erode, crack or degrade over time. We replace seals, flushing mechanisms, handles, wax rings, tanks, valves and more.

Many of our customers want to conserve their water use, which is why we offer upgrade services to convert toilets into dual-flush systems. Our plumbers in Salinas and Monterey Bay also offer toilet replacements. If the bowl or tank has cracked, a replacement is needed. We offer a range of toilet replacement options that are aesthetically pleasing and offer water conservation features.

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